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Toolset templates, archives, and dynamic sources don’t work with FSE themes


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Themes that work with the “Site Editor” (formerly known as FSE themes), including the default TwentyTwentyThree theme, don’t work well with Toolset.

In particular it is not possible to create custom templates or WordPress archives using Toolset with such themes. Also, if you edit the theme templates in the block editor, Toolset dynamic sources and some blocks (e.g. the Fields and Text block) do not work as expected.

Other aspects of Toolset (e.g. creating Views, Forms, controlling access) continue to work normally.


Full Site Editing themes work fundamentally different to existing themes that use PHP templates.

We hope to be able to add support in the future for Toolset Content Templates to work with such themes. It will not be possible to create custom WordPress archives with Toolset.

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