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Toolset Blocks do not work in new block-based Widgets editor


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WordPress 5.8 introduced a new block-based editor for Widgets.

Currently Toolset Blocks are not supported in the new editor.

Problems may include PHP warnings or notices in the logs, missing block styles on the front end, or block errors when adding a View block to widgets.


We are currently evaluating whether to add support for block-based widgets.

Classic Widgets is a popular plugin to disable this feature:

7 thought on Toolset Blocks do not work in new block-based Widgets editor

  • Hi,
    the workaround installing the classic widgets is not working with Rehub theme, are there any known issues with particular themes?

    Moreover, the same issue seem to appear when tryin to “manage with live preview” with Menus.


    • We don’t have any reports of the Classic Widgets plugin not working with any themes, no.

      And I just tried the “Manage with live preview” for editing menus, which uses the customizer and not the block editor, and that worked normally on my local test site with Toolset plugins installed. If you find an issue that is specific to Toolset and is reproduced with a standard WP theme please submit a support ticket and we will look into it further, thanks.

  • Please support this feature in some capacity. For example I’m trying to use your button block in the widget area to keep all my buttons looking the same. It works, but has no css or alignment. So it looks great on the backend, but is a basic black left aligned button on the frontend. Thank you for your consideration.

  • that answer my issues with Conditional block an Fields&Text block.

    Fields&Text block – doesnt work at all. shows error msg (stiop working deu to preview error).

    Conditional block – debug doesn’t show up, condition rules issues like:

    advanced mode parsing and reformatting when switching.
    not accepting custom conditions.
    no debug output

    my client content editors using the new widgets blocks editor – should we depart toolset blocks altogether?

  • is this work around is ok performance wise?

    using a content template to wrap all content of widget area, using the blocks editor (working as expected for content template editing with blocks)

    in widgets block editor add the toolset content template block with the newly created widget blocks wrapper template.

    • It’s an option you can try—I’m not sure that it will work—but there certainly shouldn’t be any performance implications.

    • yonatanc, could you lay out your workaround step by step? I do not quite understand what you did there and I’d really like to geht Toolset Views to work with my block widgets.

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