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Paragraph tag is stripped in WYSIWYG loop items and page builders generated content

Won't fix

Reported for: Toolset Views 2.4.1


There are two bugs related to the same issue:

  • First WYSIWYG instance in a Content Template or Content Layout strips the paragraph tags.
  • If a post is edited using the Divi builder but displayed through a Content Template inside a Views loop, the paragraph tags wrapping the shortcodes are stripped.


As a workaround, you can solve this problem by using wpv-autop shortcode intelligently around the fields you want to render.

Basically, you will use a a Content Template where automatic paragraphs are not added (this is a vanilla setting in Content Templates, so you probably do not need to change this) but you’d use this code:

wpv-autop code example

As you can see, you wrap the first instance with an Automatic Paragraphing shortcode, so it will render its paragraphs – including the following fields.

This issue will not be addressed in any future Toolset Version.

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