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Pagination screen option on post type listing page doesn’t work



If you go to Toolset > Custom Post Types the post types registered on the site are listed. Under the Screen Options tab at the top there is a pagination setting, but it does not work: when visiting this page post types are always shown at the default 10 items per page.


The option isn’t correctly saved, but when the option exists in the database the pagination does work.

So a workaround would be to manually set the option value (via code, or editing the usermeta table with phpMyAdmin or similar).

At Toolset > Settings > Custom Code you can add a code snippet that is only run one time, which you could use to run this code snippet (edit ‘123’ and replace it with the ID of the user this should apply to). This example sets the pagination option to 25.

update_user_option( 123, 'wpcf_cpt_per_page', '25', true );

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