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Elementor View widget for split Views doesn’t work properly for block-based Views



The Elementor View widget allows for splitting the search form and search results (e.g. into separate columns on the same page).

This works correctly for classic Views.

With block-based Views, where the widget to insert the search results should output just the results, it also includes the search form (so it appears twice on the page).


Two workarounds are possible:

1. create the View using the classic editor instead of Blocks, or

2. insert the View using shortcodes instead of Elementor’s View widget


add this shortcode (edited for the View name) to one text module for the search form:

[wpv-form-view name=”My Search View” target_id=”self”]

and add this shortcode to another for the results:

[wpv-view name=”My Search View” view_display=”layout”]

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