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Dynamic Sources missing options in Content Templates with display conditions


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In Blocks 1.5 we introduced display conditions to Content Templates, so that you could—for example—create a template for posts that should only be used for a particular category.

An unintended side effect has been to break Dynamic Sources in such templates, so that you cannot—for example—select fields from parent posts as the source, or select taxonomies or custom fields from field groups assigned to the post type as a source.


For now, it is necessary to remove any display conditions from the template while making such changes (and to do that you must unassign the post type and then re-assign it without adding any conditions). After making your changes you can add back the conditions.

The dynamic sources will work on the front end, even though it is not possible to insert blocks with such dynamic sources in the back end if the template is conditionally displayed.

2 thought on Dynamic Sources missing options in Content Templates with display conditions

  • I was really hoping this would be fixed in this morning’s update. Any time frame on this? It’s one of the major reasons I bought the plugins and then it immediately broke.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t have any guidelines about when the issue will be fixed.

    As you know it didn’t make it into this round of updates; it is on the development board for the next round, but I don’t know how long that will take.

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