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Divi Builder fails to load if post being edited has Content Template assigned.


Reported for: Toolset Views 3.5.2


A recent update of Divi has introduced a problem whereby the Divi Builder fails to initialize if the post being edited has a Toolset Content Template assigned to it. The post is shown on the front end and the URL includes the parameters ?et_fb=1&PageSpeed=off that would be used to trigger loading the Divi Builder, but the page builder does not load. Clicking the Enable Visual Builder button in the toolbar simply reloads the page.


The only workaround for the time being would be to downgrade to an earlier version of Divi where this works (we tested older versions of Toolset plugins to confirm it is not an issue we introduced).

We’ll coordinate with Divi but recommend you report this issue to Elegant Themes support to expedite a solution.

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