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Default language used in parts of the translated forgot-password workflow



Views offers custom login, forgot password, and reset password forms. The pages these forms are on can be translated, and texts from these forms can be translated using String Translation.

If a user begins the lost-password workflow in a secondary language there are two problems:

1. The request password reset notification email is sent out in the default language, and
2. The reset link in the body of that email is therefore in the default language, and clicking the link takes you to the default language reset password form, pulling you out of the secondary language workflow.


The issue has been raised with the developers.

If you are using WPML to translate the forms a patch is available to fix the problem (there is no alternative available for non-WPML translation options).

Download and unzip the file wpv-shortcodes.php from here.

Replace the file of the same name at plugins/wpv-views/embedded/inc/ or plugins/toolset-blocks/embedded/inc/

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