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Content Templates don’t work with Enfold theme

Won't fix

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With the Enfold theme if a Content Template is assigned to some post type, when visiting such posts on the front end the content comes from the theme single post template and does not reflect what is set in the Toolset Content Template.

Content Templates work by replacing what is output by the core WordPress function the_content, which is used by the vast majority of themes to display the content of posts.

Views/Blocks has a compatibility mode so that if a theme uses a custom function to output the content then that function can be registered at Toolset > Settings > Front-end Content.

But the Enfold theme uses a bespoke system to output post content that uses neither the_content nor a dedicated custom function.


A workaround to make the Enfold theme work with Toolset templates is to create a child theme and modify the template for single posts or create specific PHP templates for single custom posts and ensure that the template uses the_content to output the post content.

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