Toolset-themes got a big update this week. Now, you can build themes with or without Layouts plugin and using any theme. Toolset themes will also run on Types 3.0, so you can use post relationship.

If you’re not familiar with it, Toolset-themes allow you to build advanced themes, based on Toolset functionality. This is a great solution for themes that you build for specific clients, as well as themes that you’re distributing to your audience.

The Toolset-themes mechanism allows you to pack rich functionality in a theme and ship it to clients. The theme will auto-install on the client’s site, get the required plugins and import your demo content.

In this recent update, we lifted the requirement of using Layouts plugin to build these themes. You can build the themes with and without Layouts. Together with this, you can use any theme as your basis. Of course, make sure that you have permission to redistribute themes (the license and trademark).

The documentation for Toolset-themes is now up-to-date and explains how to build the theme, package it and distribute.

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