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Toolset Maps 2.1
Released on:

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.x.
  • Applied global map styles to editor previews.
  • Added a fix to improve the detection of the blocks editor page.
  • Added a fix to ensure pages are accessible due to the get_page_by_title function being deprecated in WordPress 6.2.
  • Fixed an issue with cached data stored by non-canonical addresses.
  • Fixed an issue causing a console error when loading Google Maps on a missing parameter.
  • Added a fix to include the required assets for the filter by distance in the blocks editor.

Download and Update

You can get this release directly to the WordPress admin or download and install manually. To receive automatic updates, you need to register the Toolset plugins on your site. Then, visit the Plugins or Updates admin pages. To download manually, visit your Toolset Account and go to Downloads. Follow the installation and upgrade instructions for complete details.

When you update the Toolset plugins, be sure to update together all the components that you are using. Don’t use a mixture of new and older versions.

Feedback? Need Help?

We love feedback. To make a suggestion, ask a question or give an idea, leave your comment here. If you need technical support and help troubleshooting problems, please use our technical support forum.

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