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Toolset Types

  • Toolset Types 3.4-beta1

    • Improved interoperability between WPML and post relationships by allowing to connect translatable posts without requiring the default language version to exist first.
  • Toolset Types 3.3.12


    • Fixed a compatibility issue with plugins that hook into the big_image_size_threshold filter.
  • Toolset Types 3.3.11


    • Fixed the field validation in block editor that was not working properly if used in combination with conditional field display.
    • Fixed an issue that was producing a fatal error when using the toolset_get_relationships() API function and querying by the intermediary post type.
    • Fixed an issue with custom WPML language flags being displayed in original size in various places in Types.
    • Fixed the taxonomy-based conditional display of post field groups on multilingual sites.
    • Fixed a rare PHP 7.4 issue that might have produced a notice in the WordPress admin in some circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue where newly created custom fields didn’t have proper default WPML translation settings.
    • Added a mechanism to prevent an issue with errors in the WordPress admin when custom post relationship database tables are missing but their existence is assumed. A new filter toolset_m2m_skip_table_existence_check can be used to prevent additional MySQL queries on relevant requests. Additionally, a mechanism to detect and fix orphaned intermediary post types (that don’t have any relationship referring to them) has been implemented on the Troubleshooting page.


    • Significant performance improvement when saving posts with a large number of images in custom fields.
    • Added a mechanism to prevent browser from freezing when there are a huge number of fields with conditions in a Repeatable Field Group.


    • Improved wording of the “Delete leftover intermediary posts” routine on the Troubleshooting page to prevent confusion.
    • Post editor mode is now copied when a post is translated and in Settings is set to “Per post”.
    • Allowing custom slug rewrite rules for post types and taxonomies to contain the same characters as WordPress does.


    • We’ve extended the toolset_get_related_posts() arguments by “orderby_role” which allows to specify by which role the ordering should happen (when the “order” argument is used). If the “orderby_role” argument is not present, the behavior doesn’t change and the first of the returned roles is used for ordering.

Toolset Blocks

  • Toolset Blocks 1.3-beta1

    • Improved compatibility with WPML by sending the View block to translation together with the page that contains it.
    • Improved compatibility with WPML regarding translations for Content Templates and WordPress Archives created with the blocks editor.
    • Improved the View block wizard by offering relevant related items to query depending on where the View is being created.
    • Improved our dynamic sources for Toolset blocks by including full data from related posts.
    • Improved our Conditional display block by supporting conditions based on full data from related posts.
    • Fixed a number of glitches in the Gallery and Image Slider blocks.
    • Fixed a number of glitches in the View block pagination.
  • Toolset Blocks 1.2.1

    • Improved the usability for the Slider block by linking to documentation on more complex uses.
    • Fixed the initial preview of the masonry layout for the Views block.
    • Fixed the center alignment for dots pagination controls.
    • Fixed the side effects of a bug in Chrome affecting sites using WooCommerce.
    • Fixed the preview of blocks hidden per device size.
    • Fixed the preview of some styling settings for the button block.
    • Fixed the caption background color on the Slider block.
    • Fixed the Slider block on WordPress Archives not rendering images.
  • Toolset Blocks 1.2

    • Added a new Gallery block for images, with masonry and collage layouts.
    • Added a new Slider block for images.
    • Added new masonry and collage layouts for Views.
    • Added a new block for Youtube videos.
    • Added new responsive capabilities to some alignment controls.
    • Improved the overall performance when editing a View with blocks.
    • Improved the dynamic sources option for the post author data.
    • Improved the dynamic sources option for the post date data.
    • Improved the management of the Views frontend cache for Views created as blocks.
    • Improved the Views frontend search buttons by not forcing a btn-secondary classname.
    • Improved the rendering of WordPress Archives to avoid some formatting issues.
    • Fixed the hover and active styles for the Button block.
    • Fixed the styling for the preview of some Views pagination controls.
    • Fixed some backwards compatibility problems when using old Views in the new blocks editor.
    • Fixed some glitches with the Conditional block.
    • Fixed a problem about deactivating pagination in WordPress Archives created as blocks.
    • Fixed an issue when trying to set zero as value for some styling controls.
    • Fixed the Design with Toolset entry in the frontend admin bar on WordPress 5.4.
    • Fixed a compatibility issue with WPEngine on our lost password shortcode.

Toolset Forms

  • Toolset Forms 2.6-beta1

    • Improved compatibility with WPML by using the Translation Management editors to translate forms.
    • Fixed a number of PHP notices and errors.
  • Toolset Forms 2.5.7

    • Added options for setting the size of the preview on image fields.
    • Added an option to set the label of the submit button on relationship forms.
    • Improved the default label for edit and delete links so they do not include the title of the affected post.
    • Fixed submitting required repeating media fields on forms not using the Media Library.
    • Fixed submitting media fields, including the featured image, on forms for WooCommerce products using the Media Library.
    • Fixed form conditionals after submitting a form with AJAX.
  • Toolset Forms 2.5.6

    • Added a new and better shortcode to generate a delete post link.
    • Added new notifications placeholders for first, last and full user name.
    • Improved the syntax to feed values to generic fields so defaults can be also defined when using a shortcode.
    • Fixed the language in which notifications are sent when submitting an AJAX form in a WPML-powered multilingual website.
    • Fixed the context attribute added to WPML string translation shortcodes when creating a form.
    • Fixed the option to reload the current page when submitting a relationship form using AJAX.

Toolset Maps

  • Toolset Maps 2.0.3

    • Fixed theHTML added to Marker PopUps used on WPA producing a PHP warning.
    • Enabled predefined Distance Filter with View block.
    • Fixed PHP notices when a dynamic source for marker is selected, but the actual source is not defined yet (plus some performance optimization in editor).
    • Fixed Spiderfy breaking Focus on Map interaction to force open InfoWindow.
  • Toolset Maps 2.0.2


    • Location input placeholder text is now a translated string, instead of coming from API.


    • UI improvement that helps prevent confusion when a View is used for marker source, and later on removed from page.
    • Reset map and marker ids per Elementor content render (fixes markers sometimes missing from maps).
    • Fixed problems with frontend distance filter, split View and full page update or manual ajax update.
    • Resolve Types relationships in toolset-maps-distance-value shortcode.
  • Toolset Maps 2.0.1


    • Map block finds and can use WPA blocks for marker source.
    • Added full screen control toggle to Map block UI.


    • Fixed the wrong assumption of View Id format in some cases.
    • Find View blocks for marker source no matter how deep they are nested in other blocks.
    • Reversed behavior for full_screen_control shortcode parameter (have it compatible with how Google Maps API behaves now).
    • More elegant and correct way to determine if “Use My Location” can be shown on frontend.
    • Fixed a regression from 1.8: when using a frontend Distance filter, but not providing toolset_maps_distance_radius URL parameter, use the value from default_distance shortcode parameter instead of fixed 5 km default.
    • If the form is being reset, also reset current user location value.
    • Fixed script handle name conflict with Flatsome theme and updated the js-cookie library.
    • When a WP installation uses non-default charset and collation for postmeta table, adjust toolset_maps_address_cache to use the same to avoid SQL errors.
    • Saving address data got from autocomplete request directly to cache. This fixes some edge cases and removes the need to do an API call later on.

Toolset Access

  • Toolset Access 2.8.8-beta1

    • Included Access alternative templates for users without read permissions in the Toolset Dashboard.
    • Fixed a number of glitches in our integration with WPML.
  • Toolset Access 2.8.7

    • Fixed a fatal error that occurred when a post type was registered before WordPress fully initialized.
  • Toolset Access 2.8.6

    • Fixed an issue where Access couldn’t set language post type permissions on translated static homepage.
    • Fixed an issue where Access couldn’t set correct WPML permissions for non-managed post types.
    • Fixed an issue with a missing PHP class that happened for post type permissions requested by third-party plugins.
    • Fixed an issue where Access couldn’t reset post type delete permissions for editor users.

Toolset WooCommerce Blocks

Toolset Forms Commerce

  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.8.1

    • Restored a broken API hook which got renamed on 1.7.
    • Restored missing action icons in commerce settings for forms.
    • Fixed an error caused by using a deprecated core function.
  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.8

    • Updated references from CRED to Toolset Forms.
    • Updated documentation links to
  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.7

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with WooCommerce 3.2
    • Fixed an issue about notificationn on Order Payment status Change.

Toolset Framework Installer

  • Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.8

    • Update the Installer component to address issues with fetching plugin upgrades.
  • Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.7

    • Improved the database installation process and fixed compatibility issues with PHP 7.3 and higher.
  • Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.6

    • Improved help texts when plugins are missing or the site requires a beta version of the plugin.
    • Integrated the Installer plugin for easier installation and updates of Toolset plugins.
    • Added support for the upcoming WPML 4.3+ version.