Toolset Types

  • Toolset Types 3.3

    • Introduced the ability to expose custom fields in the REST API.
    • Various usability improvements for custom field inputs with main focus on image fields. This includes better drag-and-drop functionality, uploading multiple files at once, and more.
    • Fixed an issue where related posts were disconnected when they were trashed from the Related Content metabox (but still, trash all their translations). Also, we now hide trashed posts from the metabox and have improved wording and behavior of affected confirmation dialogs.
    • Performance improvements: Various optimizations to reduce the number of database queries that run on every request (or every admin page request).
    • Performance improvements: Implement a simple in-memory caching mechanism when working with field groups in order to prevent scaling issues with Relevanssi.
    • We now hide the “My templates” post type from Elementor from the “Where to display this Field Group” dialog and from the Toolset Dashboard.
    • We now preserve the default user’s settings for displayed metaboxes when saving a post type.
    • Fixed an issue with custom field validation not working properly on the Add New post page, when the Block Editor is used.
    • Fixed an issue with over-escaping description, title, placeholder and default value of custom fields.
    • Fixed an issue where only the first Repeatable Field Group is imported when importing a Module that contains a Custom Field Group featuring multiple Repeatable Field Groups.
    • Fixed an issue with missing quicktags in TinyMCE editors for WYSIWYG fields.
    • Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to delete a custom field group while legacy post relationships are still being used.
    • Fixed a PHP 7.3 compatibility issue.
    • We now prevent creating an empty image cache directory when attempting to clear it while it does not exist yet.
    • Fixed an issue where some excluded post types have been showing in the Edit Taxonomy page.
    • We now display a notice about changing a relationship slug only when the value has actually been changed.
    • Fixed a very old bug with data-dependent display condition for field groups that caused other conditions to be ignored.
    • We now prevent a caching issue with SiteGround Optimizer that was preventing Repeatable Field Group titles from being saved.
    • Fixed issues with inserting files in Repeatable Field Groups and repeatable fields in certain languages.
    • Fixed issues with field validation in Repeatable Field Groups where an item was not being expanded on validation error, and newly added items not being validated until the post is saved.
    • Fixed an issue where the Post Reference field validation was not triggered in the Block Editor.
    • We now make sure that dangling intermediary posts are deleted after a many-to-many relationship is deleted.
    • Fixed an issue when an imported module contains a Repeatable Field Group with different group name and slug.
    • Provided a workaround for a Gutenberg bug that was causing problems when saving posts with metaboxes in rare cases. See for more information.
    • Fixed an issue where unsaved input detection before switching a Repeatable Field Group was causing a collision with Avada and Revolution Slider.
    • Fixed an issue when displaying read-only values of Repeatable Fields Groups and Post Reference fields in the admin.
    • We now make sure that when deleting a custom field group with a Repeatable Field Group and converting it to a post relationship, the child post type with Repeatable Field Group items becomes public.
  • Toolset Types 3.2.7

    • Fixed an issue where Custom Field groups appear deactivated on the listing page when using a secondary language.
    • Fixed the logic for determining which field groups should be displayed for a particular post.
    • Extended the public API functions toolset_get_field_groups() and toolset_get_field_group() and user interfaces for field groups and field definitions. It now allows querying groups by assigned post type.
  • Toolset Types 3.2.6

    • Updated the built-in Installer in order to address an upgrade issue that affects some clients.
    • Fixed a PHP 7.3 warning about “continue” targeting a switch.
    • Fixed an “undefined index” warning on the “Add New Post” page when using WPML Translation Management.
    • Fixed a regression from 3.2.5 where Access permission settings have not been properly applied to field groups.

Toolset Views

  • Toolset Views

    • Fix some compatibility issues with some PHP versions.
  • Toolset Views 2.8.1

    • Added a separator attribute to the wpv-for-each shortcode for iterating repeating fields values.
    • Added a new caching system to manage meta keys.
    • Removed some deprecated code.
  • Toolset Views

    • Fixed an issue with the custom CSS and JS for Content Templates using their default editor.
    • Fixed an issue with the custom CSS for Content Templates designed using WPBakery not being added to the frontend.
    • Fixed an issue with the new setting for the default editor for Content Templates getting reset when creating a new WordPress Archive.

Toolset Blocks

Toolset Layouts

  • Toolset Layouts 2.5.2

    • Feature: Allowed to create Content Layouts from Gutenberg editor page and be redirected to Layouts editor.
    • Feature: Ensured Content Layout editor overlay locks Gutenberg editor when Content Layout is used to edit page content and allowed to access Layouts editor and stop using Content Layout to design page content.
    • Bug-fix: Fixed several styles problems for Layouts elements in Gutenberg editor page.
  • Toolset Layouts

    • Bring compatibility with the latest WPML version.
  • Toolset Layouts 2.5.1

    • Bugfix: Fixed issue with hierarchical Parent Layout GUI showing unexpected string instead of the GUI when no Child Layout Cell is present in the Layout.
    • Bugfix: Fixed bug in loading sequence to restore Tabs and Accordion cells which were not loaded anymore because the filter they were hooking into was applied before they added it.
    • Bugfix: Fixed Fatal Error when trying to modify Layouts Default Bootstrap Column Width settings.
    • Bugfix: Fixed Warnings for “wp_enqueue_script” and “wp_add_inline_script” called incorrectly.

Toolset Forms

  • Toolset Forms 2.3.6

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with third party plugins using jQuery in strict mode.
    • Fixed a problem when trying to do a database upgrade on forms with incomplete settings.
  • Toolset Forms 2.3.5

    • Fixed a problem with editing forms created before 2.3, as they were loaded in the drag&drop editor.
  • Toolset Forms 2.3.4

    • Improved the management of tooltips.
    • Fixed an issue with the post and user edit links when the target Content Template holds the edit form as a Gutenberg block.
    • Fixed a cosmetic issue with the classnames added to HTML structures when designing forms with the drag&drop editor.
    • Fixed a problem with shortcodes with attributes in test notifications emails.
    • Fixed the importing of post and user forms created with the drag&drop editor.

Toolset Access

  • Toolset Access 2.7.3

    • Fixed an issue related to editing permissions for post types that have non-latin characters in their plural name.
    • Fixed an issue with read permissions for Administrator users.
    • Fixed an issue with using custom layouts to display “custom error” pages on taxonomy archive pages.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented users to remove posts from Post Groups.
  • Toolset Access 2.7.2

    • Performance improvement.
    • Fixed an issue with permissions related to the dialog for assigning a group to a single post.
    • Fixed an issue with toolset_access shortcode and read permissions that were not applied to Ajax requests
    • Fixed issue with post edit permissions when WPML is active
  • Toolset Access 2.7.1

    • Fixed an issue that happened on multisite installs where Access would throw a fatal error when being network-activated.
    • Fixed a problem where Toolset Access Permissions were not applied to posts listed on front-end menus.

Toolset WooCommerce Views

  • Toolset WooCommerce Views 2.7.9

    • Fixed an issue with quantity inputs getting deprecated buttons after some Views AJAX events.
    • Fixed an issue with variable products not properly managed after some Views AJAX events.
  • Toolset WooCommerce Views 2.7.8

    • Fixed a problem with the wpv-add-to-cart-message shortcode.
    • Fixed a performance problem when batch processing products fields.
    • Fixed a problem with the Toolset edit post link feature and product status values from WooCommerce.
  • Toolset WooCommerce Views 2.7.7

    • Added the WooCommerce compatibility plugin header tag, up to 3.2.x.
    • Added compatibility with the changes in Views 2.6 regarding shortcodes.
    • Updated documentation links to point to

Toolset Forms Commerce

  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.8.1

    • Restored a broken API hook which got renamed on 1.7.
    • Restored missing action icons in commerce settings for forms.
    • Fixed an error caused by using a deprecated core function.
  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.8

    • Updated references from CRED to Toolset Forms.
    • Updated documentation links to
  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.7

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with WooCommerce 3.2
    • Fixed an issue about notificationn on Order Payment status Change.

Toolset Maps

  • Toolset Maps 1.7.2

    • Added a whole new set of features to Map Gutenberg block.
    • Improved the custom Distance filter dialog which now has an option to make distance center field required or not.
    • Fixed an issue when using a preset Distance Filter where visitor location was offered even if site is not served over HTTPS.
    • Fixed an issue where the “Query by Distance from current user location” was not asking SSL permissions and query results were always “No Items Found”.
    • Fixed a regression from 1.7 with unnecessary resizing of PNG marker icons.
    • Fixed an issue with upload file checking in WordPress versions 5.0.1 and higher which broke JSON style file uploads.
    • Deprecated long-unused AJAX calls.
    • Various small fixes and improvements to the user interface.
    • Known issue: Map blocks created with Maps 1.7 or 1.7.1 will not work after updating to 1.7.2. However, we solved the root cause of this issue and with version 1.7.2 and forward, this will not happen any more.
  • Toolset Maps 1.7.1

    • Added lots of features to Map Gutenberg block.
    • Refactored “Reload” button dialog now has nicer UI.
  • Toolset Maps 1.7

    • Added a Gutenberg block for Maps.
    • Improved SVG Compatibility for markers with Google API, and especially for Internet Explorer 11.
    • Improved initializing the map preview in address editor with fixes to some edge cases and performance improvement.
    • Fixed a regression where current user location search (which requires HTTPS) was offered even if the site using HTTP.
    • Fixed an issue where map distance filter fields were shown twice after current visitor location was determined.

Toolset Module Manager

  • Toolset Module Manager 1.8.6

    • Added a notification when a module requires a many-to-many relationship to be active or migrated if old relationships exist.
  • Toolset Module Manager 1.8.5

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with Types where Module Manager was unable to import many-to-many post relationships.
  • Toolset Module Manager 1.8.4

    • Synchronized the files in the embedded version with the ones in the full version of the plugin.
    • Changed the name of the plugin’s default directory.

Toolset Advanced Export

Toolset Toolset Layouts Migration

  • Toolset Layouts Migration 1.0

    • Feature: Automatically loads single assigned Layouts
    • Feature: Automatically creates content layouts from previously assigned layout
    • Feature: Automatically handles translations migration
    • Feature: Cleans up all not needed data including old layout automatically at the end of the process
    • Feature: Optimise query when WPML is active

Toolset Framework Installer

  • Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.4

    • Updated the text that is displayed when a plugin does not exist on the site.
    • Added a method to restore site database when installation fails.
    • Added a method to force permalinks reload when reference site is installed.
    • Added an action to reload theme settings when a reference site is installed.
  • Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.3

    • Fixed a problem with Installer site keys.
  • Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.1

    • Fixed an issue where site installation fails when WooCommerce is active.

Toolset Toolset Forms WPML Integration

Toolset Toolset Comment Validator