Toolset Types

  • Toolset Types 3.3.5


    • Extend the toolset_connect_posts() function with a possibility to specify an already existing intermediary post for a many-to-many relationship.
    • Allow toolset_get_related_posts() function to return Repeatable Field Group items sorted by the manual order set in the user interface.
    • Introduced a public API for retrieving custom field groups, field definitions, field types and field instances.
    • Added support for the multiple role feature in Toolset Access for user field groups.


    • Prevented unnecessary TinyMCE initialization when turning a page in the Related Content metabox. Fixed the styling of pagination controls in various listing pages throughout Toolset.
    • Internal WPML compatibility fix: Replaced deprecated icl_editor_cf_style and icl_editor_cf_name filters.
    • Improvements to determine which field groups should be displayed for a new post with respect to template conditions.
    • Fortify the shared class autoloader to prevent a rare PHP warning.
  • Toolset Types 3.3.4

    • Fix a compatibility issue with Contact Form 7 that produces a notice in PHP 5.6.
    • Fix an error with “undefined function get_current_screen()” during Types import.
    • Fixed: Compatibility issue with the embedded version of Twig library.
    • Fix a link in the REST API Settings decription.
    • Hide the Views column from Toolset Dashboard if Toolset Blocks is active.
    • Fix a proper attachment ID detection when a custom upload path is used (the result of this issue was that images didn’t have proper alt and title attributes in some cases).
    • Fixed: Field display conditions not working properly in repeatable field groups.
    • Avoid overescaping option labels of custom fields (checkboxes, radio) if they contain an apostrophe.
  • Toolset Types 3.3.3

    • Switching to a scoped version of the Twig library to prevent compatibility issues with third-party software.
    • Fixed a are issue where data-dependent field display conditions didn’t work properly in the “Per Post” editor mode when using the classic editor.
    • Fixed a wrongly displayed tooltip on the Edit Custom Post Field Group page.
    • Updated the Installer component.

Toolset Views

  • Toolset Views 3.0-b1

    • Introduced Toolset Blocks with full styling options:
      • Container block.
      • Conditional output block.
      • Fields and Text block.
      • Heading block.
      • Single field and Repeating field / Gallery blocks.
      • Button block.
      • Image block.
      • Audio block.
      • Video block.
      • Star rating block.
      • Countdown block.
      • Progress indicator block.
      • Social share block.
    • Introduced the new Views block as a visual way of creating and editing Views:
      • Generate lists with pagination and sorting controls.
      • Generate search forms with all the usual Views available filters.
      • Live preview of the View outcome, with real data.
  • Toolset Views 2.9.2

    • Fixed an issue with jQuery not available on frontend when trying to print some extra elements from a View.
    • Removed some very old legacy and dead code.
  • Toolset Views 2.9-beta

Toolset Blocks

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Toolset Layouts

  • Toolset Layouts 2.6.2

    • Performance: Cache whether the current theme is integrated, to avoid checking every time.
  • Toolset Layouts 2.6.1

    • Fix the menu cell when using BS3.
    • Fix an issue with the OTGS/UI dependency caused by a missing file.
  • Toolset Layouts 2.6

    • Feature: Implement support for Bootstrap 4.
    • Compatibility: Minor code adjustments to accommodate for Twig scoping inside Toolset Common.
    • Compatibility: Fixed an issue with the The Grid plugin and the WP Engine caching.
    • Compatibility: Fixed an issue with BuddyPress when the default pages are not created.
    • Fix: Remove a special styling related to the Toolset Bootstrap button in TinyMCE and Codemirror editors.

Toolset Forms

  • Toolset Forms 2.5.1

    • Changed the order of the settings for enabling ReCaptcha.
      – Fixed editing repeating fields in user forms.
    • Fixed a problem with post expiration dates in sites with negative timezones.
    • Fixed a problem with saving featured images on sites messing with the guid post table column.
    • Fixed an issue on Forms saving empty instances of repeating fields.
    • Fixed a compatibility issue with CodeMirror and third parties using the native blocks editor.
  • Toolset Forms 2.5

    • Added support for Bootstrap 4.
    • Improved the GUI for inserting Forms shortcodes.
    • Fixed the validation of usernames in user forms by allowing to include core supported characters.
    • Fixed the context for optional messages to be displayed afetr submitting a form, when done with AJAX.
    • Fixed a compatibility issue with jQuery when used in strict mode.
    • Did some minor code adjustments to accommodate for Twig scoping inside Toolset Common.
  • Toolset Forms 2.4

    • Added the ability to use the WordPress native media library on media fields in frontend forms.
    • Added better frontend validation for media fields not using the native media library in frontend forms.
    • Added the ability to customize the preview of media fields in frontend forms, to show an image preview, the filename, or the full file URL.
    • Added a new message for post and user forms to be shown in case the current visitor is not allowed to use the form.
    • Improved the performance of the plugin by not loading it on a selected number of backend admin pages.
    • Improved the workflow of editing a form and switching from and to the Advanced Mode.
    • Fixed an issue with the post expiration date of posts edited in the backend on sites with timezones different than UTC.
    • Fixed an issue with WYSIWYG fields not being rendered on relationship forms.
    • Fixed an issue with repeating fields not being properly saved on relationship forms.
    • Fixed several issues with managing, submitting or validating multiple post or user edit forms, added in a View loop.
    • Fixed an issue with the password field frontend validation on user forms after they fail a backend validation.
    • Fixed an issue with the setting about hidding comments on a page featuring a relationship form.
    • Fixed an issue with our shortcodes GUI on some language translations due to wrong strings escaping.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed to submit the same form several times by clicking the submit button at a certain speed.
    • Fixed an issue when trying to print a form inside an AJAX callback from a third party, like a page builder preview.
    • Fixed an issue when trying to render a form inside the success message of another form.
    • Fixed an issue with the global post context when displaying the same form after it is submitted with AJAX.
    • Unregistered the Multilingual Content Setup metabox from WPML on post and user forms edit pages.

Toolset Access

  • Toolset Access

    • Fixed a fatal error that occurred when a theme requests post type permissions and Access post groups permissions are set for some posts.
  • Toolset Access

    • Fixed a fatal error that occurred when a theme requests post type permissions before all Access classes are loaded.
  • Toolset Access 2.8.1

    • Fixed a fatal error that occurred when a non-admin user would load the site’s RSS feed.

Toolset WooCommerce Views

  • Toolset WooCommerce Views 2.7.11

    • Improved the discoverability of theme templates for product archives.
    • Fixed a problem with Content Templates assigned to products when saving the WooCommerce Views main settings.
  • Toolset WooCommerce Views 2.7.10

    • Fixed a notice generated by the usage of a function deprecated in WooCommerce 3.6.
    • Fixed some backwards compatibility issues with deprecated functions and methods, still used by some legacy third parties.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented product galleries from rendering properly.
  • Toolset WooCommerce Views 2.7.9

    • Fixed an issue with quantity inputs getting deprecated buttons after some Views AJAX events.
    • Fixed an issue with variable products not properly managed after some Views AJAX events.

Toolset Forms Commerce

  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.8.1

    • Restored a broken API hook which got renamed on 1.7.
    • Restored missing action icons in commerce settings for forms.
    • Fixed an error caused by using a deprecated core function.
  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.8

    • Updated references from CRED to Toolset Forms.
    • Updated documentation links to
  • Toolset Forms Commerce 1.7

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with WooCommerce 3.2
    • Fixed an issue about notificationn on Order Payment status Change.

Toolset Maps

  • Toolset Maps 2.0-b1

    • Added ability to set markers on a Map block coming from a View block.
    • Added wide and full alignment to Maps block.
    • Added ability to have fields in marker hints & popups in Map block.
  • Toolset Maps 1.8.4

    • Updated the Dynamic Sources library for better forward compatibility with Views.
  • Toolset Maps 1.8.3

    • Fixed the Distance Filter duplicating posts in Views when using repeating address fields.

Toolset Module Manager

  • Toolset Module Manager 1.8.6

    • Added a notification when a module requires a many-to-many relationship to be active or migrated if old relationships exist.
  • Toolset Module Manager 1.8.5

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with Types where Module Manager was unable to import many-to-many post relationships.
  • Toolset Module Manager 1.8.4

    • Synchronized the files in the embedded version with the ones in the full version of the plugin.
    • Changed the name of the plugin’s default directory.

Toolset Advanced Export

Toolset Toolset Layouts Migration

  • Toolset Layouts Migration 1.0

    • Feature: Automatically loads single assigned Layouts
    • Feature: Automatically creates content layouts from previously assigned layout
    • Feature: Automatically handles translations migration
    • Feature: Cleans up all not needed data including old layout automatically at the end of the process
    • Feature: Optimise query when WPML is active

Toolset Framework Installer

  • Toolset Framework Installer 3.1.6

    • Improved help texts when plugins are missing or the site requires a beta version of the plugin.
    • Integrated the Installer plugin for easier installation and updates of Toolset plugins.
    • Added support for the upcoming WPML 4.3+ version.
  • Toolset Framework Installer

    • Added a special check for sites that require Toolset beta plugins.
  • Toolset Framework Installer

    • Fixed a problem that happened when Framework Installer compared the installed and required plugin versions whose version numbers have 4 or more parts (i.e. comparing version number did not work correctly).