Danit Peleg – The world’s first bespoke 3D printed garment

Toolset Contractor

Ace Digital London

Danit approached us after working on her idea for 6 months with another agency with no clear results ahead. As one of the world’s most influential conceptual fashion designer, Danit created the first 3D printed collection. Inspiring the idea that one day we will all simply download designs and print our clothes at home (Incredible, right?).

The idea was allowing users to create a bespoke jacket with an online 360° design tool, send in their measurements and receive their own 3D printed jacket delivered to their door.

Since her first website was built on Square Space that doesn’t allow any of the tools needed for the project, we also incorporated her own portfolio website into the platform to feature her public speaking events, fashion shows and exhibitions around the world.

We have used Toolset for a few features on the site:

  • The previous website was created on SquareSpace so we recreated it from the ground up - We created custom post types for testimonials, press items & events in order and easy to find as well to give us the freedom to create templates and views for each content type.
  • We created content templates for all content types, overwriting the theme’s default templates.
  • Using Woocomerce, Toolset and some custom code we created a product page that shows a 360 view of the product allowing users to customise it based on various options - achieving the futuristic objective of the website while keeping load times to a minimum.