Toolset Contractor

Beda Schmid

CasioPart is a online directory and shop for Casio Replacement Parts. It stores over a quarter million products (and growing), which users can browse, see their compatibility status with the respective Casio Products, and then purchase, order or even send for repair.

The Website is based on WordPress, uses WP Grid Builder for the search and lists, and Toolset has been used to create the Templates, Forms and the ShortCodes came in very handy to complete the project with Dynamic Data.

In some cases the site uses Blocks (mainly when design needs to be experimented with) but mostly it uses legacy ShortCodes because more accessible and powerful than Blocks in general.

The Website's functionality is backed by a Custom Plugin created just for this project, managing all the Custom Product states necessary, the different synchronisations between an external API (LinnWorks) and WooCommerce, as well as several Custom Templates created to display shop, product and search results.