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Member login and account management

By default, WordPress offers a standard login form, which leads to the user’s profile in the admin. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create your own login forms and a « my account » page, which you can design yourself.

To achieve the account functionality, we’ll use WooCommerce plugin. Most membership sites need to process payments, so you’ll already have WooCommerce running. You’ll learn how to customize the « my account » page from WooCommerce and how to set it as the destination after logging-in.

Creating a « My Account » Page

When people register accounts on your site it makes sense to allow them to manage their own profile. Learn how to create a page where they can view their information and edit it.

Restricting access to pages

Pages for pages like "my account" and "my user profile" should only be visible to users that are logged in. Learn how to easily hide such pages from other visitors that are not logged in.

Creating Custom Login Forms

To create a seamless experience for the users of your membership site you can create custom login pages.

Creating the “Lost password” page

Create and design pages that allow users to enter their email address and request a password reset.

Using forms to create an « Edit your profile » page

A membership site needs to allow users to edit their user information like their email address, name, and more. For this, you need to create front-end forms that allow users to edit their profiles.

If your membership site also needs to allow people to manage their own content, you can read how to allow to manage user-generated content in the "My Account" section of our Directory Sites Course. To learn how to create the forms, read about Forms for front-end content submission and editing.