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Using Post Relationships on Membership Sites

Membership sites can contain a lot of content. Post Relationship allows you to connect related information, rather than duplicate it across the site. This way, you can easily maintain your content.

Some examples of how you can use post relationships in membership sites:

  • Online courses: you’ll be able to create reusable « lessons », which can appear on different « courses ».
  • Clubs and activities: you’ll be able to offer different « activities » in each « club » and list which clubs offer each activity.

What Are Post Relationships and How They Work

You can create relationships between different types of content. For example, you could connect "courses" to "lessons". Let's first see how post relationships work and how they can help you.

How to set up Post Relationships in WordPress

Now that you know what post relationship is, learn how to apply it to your membership site.

Displaying Related Posts

When you display any items in your site, learn how to display the content that's connected to it. For example, display all lessons belonging to a specific course.

Front-End Forms for Connecting Related Posts

If your membership site offers people to add and modify content via front-end forms, you can use these forms to connect that same content as well.