After purchasing a Toolset account, you should receive an email with your account information. Sometimes, you might not be able to find it in your main inbox. This page offers some suggestions on finding this email.

The following video explains the most common solutions to finding a missing email with your account information.

Usual reasons why you cannot find the email

One of the main reasons for not finding this email is because Google might accidentally deliver them under your “Spam” or “Promotions” folder.

The following image shows a typical case of this. An Inbox page lists emails about the Toolset order, however, email with the account information is not there.


Inbox showing emails about the order but missing the one about the account information
Inbox showing emails about the order but missing the one about the account information

How To Find The Missing Email

One of the following actions should help you find the missing email with account information.

Click the All Mail link. It will display all emails, regardless of the way they are categorized or tagged.

Look in your “Promotions” folder

Click the Promotions tab. If you find the email under “Promotions”, you can click on the message and drag it to the Primary tab. Click Yes to do this automatically for all future messages from Toolset.

Look in your “Spam” folder

Go to your email’s “Spam” folder. If you find the email there, click to mark it as Not spam.

Search for the email manually

Search your emails for related phrases like “Toolset account” or “login details”.

Prevent Missing Future Emails From Toolset

To make sure our emails reach your inbox you can add our “From” email address to your contacts list. You should do this for and

Still Not Able To Find The Email?

If none of the above suggestions helps, and you still cannot find the email with your login details, go to the Contact Us page and use the Password recovery option.