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Visual tab of WYSIWYG fields may not initialize correctly, appear not to save data



Some users are experiencing problems with WYSIWYG fields whereby the Visual tab doesn’t appear to initialize correctly, and where content added may not appear to be saved correctly (the Visual tab appears empty when a post is edited).

Switching to the Text tab shows that there is content in the field, and there are no issues saving content in the Text tab.

The issue only occurs when using the Block editor, not the classic editor.

It has been reported for many plugins (including ACF, for example), since WordPress 5.6, and appears to be related to the timing of code execution, which may vary from server to server.

It is reported to WP core several times (,, is still open).

We await confirmation that the issue is fixed in WP.


17 thought on Visual tab of WYSIWYG fields may not initialize correctly, appear not to save data

  • Thanks, all highly technical stuff which I don’t understand.
    I guess we’ll just find out it works again by chance.
    At least we have a way around for now.

  • The WP core tickets relating to this seems to have been closed as either fixed or can’t reproduce (although there are still users adding comments saying it is not fixed), so I’ve asked our developers to take a closer look to see if they can identify the problem that affects the Types WYSIWYG field when using the block editor. If I get any feedback I will share it here.

  • This problem is ongoing and is affecting multiple sites I’ve built with Toolset. I may have to stop using Toolset if this doesn’t get resolved.

  • Same problem here!

    I tried several browsers. When I empty cache, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

  • Dear development team!
    Is there any info on when the next update is coming?
    In Firefox, in principle, it sometimes works when clearing your cache.
    Saving still works if I switch between HTML view and Visual view and then save the post.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t have any additional information for you. We are still awaiting an update from the developers about a fix.

      As soon as they have a solution I’ll be sure to prepare a patch and provide a link to it here, rather than wait for it to be included in a plugin update.

  • The quickest fix I have found for this is to make sure the custom post type in question has the ‘Editor’ field turned on for it. That fixed it for me. I am running DIVI theme and I have heard that is a culprit for this also. Nevertheless turning on the editor fixed it for me.

    • Dear Steven,
      Can you write where you managed to set this up?
      Although we are not using a DIVI theme, so far no settings have resolved for us to save modified text in custom fields.

  • Hello there,
    Same problem here running all lates version WP/Toolset etc.., I deactivate teh classic editor, and still no rich text or any input via the Visual WYSIWYG tab, however it saves fine in the [Text] only tab/ Raw.

    Any update on this please?

    Thx for your time

  • I’m very pleased to say that this issue has finally been fixed with the updates that we have published today.

    If the updates do not show up on your plugin installer page (click the registered link beneath the plugin name to go to the custom installer page) click the the Check for Updates button to update the list.

    Or you can download the latest versions from your accounts page:

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