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Views AJAX pagination fails to load pages


Reported for: Toolset Views 1.12

Resolved in: Toolset Views 1.12.1


In some scenarios, a View using AJAX pagination can fail to load new pages. This is caused by a mismatch between the View unique hash of the currently displayed page and the one coming on the new page, which results in the View being removed completely.

The View unique hash is calculated depending on a series of environment variables that can affect the View results, being the current page one of the most usual ones. During the pagination flow, a wrong current page ID can be used, causing a mismatch between the expected hash and the returned one. This issue can therefore affect Views using query filters that depend on the current page, as well as Views that are supoposed to not return the current page among its results.


This issue will be fixed in the next release of Toolset Views.

Until then, you can download this file, extract it and use it to overwrite the existing file in your website’s ../wp-content/plugins/wp-views/embedded/inc/ location.

10 thought on Views AJAX pagination fails to load pages

  • Tried this workaround, Was unsuccessful.
    View is a Slider. Loads only a single result then, when the second slide should appear, the remains but the for the view is missing.

    • The comments here don’t allow to include HTML, so I can’t read everything that you intended to show us. Can you create a support thread and add a link to it in another comment? I’ll follow up there.

  • “In some scenarios”… it would be helpful to have this description expanded upon to actually inform us of which scenarios this ticket applies to. Is this something that randomly occurs? Is it easy to get it to repeat? Should all of us download this update? A bit more information may allow us to understand its impact. Thanks!

    • Hi David

      Thanks for your input. I am updating the errata to explain a little further the reasons behind this errata.

      You should apply it in case you noticed some of your Views using AJAX apgination are failing to lad new pages, or as a prevention step in case you use Views with AJAX pagination but can not check them all manually.


  • This patch fixed my problem where I had several embedded views on a page, each with their own ajax paging. Views prior to 1.12 worked fine, 1.12 broke unless I copied over the URL from a working site.

    • Hi Brett

      Glad we could help, and we apologize for any problem we might have caused to you.


  • Just to let you know that I have upgraded to all the latest “V2” code today, and this problem is still there. Perhaps you should incorporate your own patch?

    • Hi Brett

      Sounds strange, because we did include the patch in the code shipped with Views 2.0. In fact, it was merged on March 10 and the changes in the patch are there line by line.

      Maybe there is something else happening here. Could you please open a support ticket about it? We should be able to get to the root of this and solve this for good.


      • I have had the same issue and its ongoing which is why I can’t even update without breaking the site. Please let me know if a solution is found.

        • Hi there

          This should not be an issue with Toolset Views 2.0, so your problem might be another one.

          Please open a support ticket linking to this errata, and provide as much information as you can.

          If you can not update, which means that we can not see the problem live, we might require you to provide a Duplicator ( ) copy of your site to update locally and reproduce the issue. We will thank you for being specific and pointing to the problematic View and page where it can be shown.

          Do not worry, we will find the reason and provide a fix, I am sure 🙂


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