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Types 2.2.23 doesn’t upgrade automatically to 2.3 if there is no valid subscription


Reported for: Toolset Types 2.2.23

Resolved in: 2.3

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Recently, we’ve released Toolset Types 3.0 and turned it into a paid plugin, which is available only if you have an active Toolset account.

For users who decided not to purchase a subscription and don’t need to benefit from all the new features, we’ve promised to keep supporting the free version of Types with security and compatibility updates and bug fixes through 2018.

Types 2.3 is the latest release of this free version branch.

The issue is that if you have Types 2.2.23 without a registered Toolset account on your site, you will not get a Types 2.3 upgrade, but instead you will be asked to purchase an account and register your site to get Types 3.0.


The workaround is very simple:

  1. In your site’s admin, go to the Plugins page and deactivate Types.
  2. Go to Dashboard -> Updates and click on Check again.
  3. You should see a new update for Types available, specifically the version 2.3.
  4. Run the update.
  5. Go to the Plugins page again and reactivate Types.

From this point, you should be getting updates from as for any other plugin.

5 thought on Types 2.2.23 doesn't upgrade automatically to 2.3 if there is no valid subscription

    • Great, can you tell us in the Support Forum what does not work, and what solution you received instead? Thank you!

  • From 2.3 to 3.0 is NOT an update, but an UPGRADE (from a free version to a paid version). This should be optional and not be shown in the update page as a regular update, since it isn’t…

    Is also shows up in tools like Manage WP as a regular update, but every time it throws an error because it can’t update it.

    The point is: if you can’t UPDATE a FREE plugin for FREE , it should NOT appear as an update in WordPress!

    • You’re right and we’ll see if the WordPress API allows us to change the wording there. I’m not 100% sure if there’s an available hook that allows to modify what you’ll see in ManageWP.

      However, the bigger issue is not the wording. We previously announced (several months ago) both in our posts and in messages in the WordPress admin that Types is ending its life on WPORG. I hope that you noticed these messages. If you haven’t then I’m glad you contacted us now and you know about it now.

      We will continue releasing bug fixes and security updates on WPORG through 2018. It’s June now.

      If you’re not planning to move to the paid Types version, you should look for alternatives for Types on your sites. Eventually, a plugin that doesn’t receive functional updates causes more harm than good. We’ve tried to communicate this fact the best we can, but we don’t have direct contact with everyone who ever downloaded Types from WPORG.

      Does this help?

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