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Toolset Maps database table name can cause an issue related to a bug in mysqldump


Reported for: Toolset Maps 2.0.2


Toolset Maps uses a custom database table called _toolset_maps_address_cache. That table has a column named point, which is a reserved word of mySQL 5.7

This alone is not an issue because MySQL is context-sensitive in this case and understands when we are referencing the column.

However, due to a bug in mysqldump, it can happen that invalid data is used even though the table format is pretty strict, and later it can lead to issues when exporting and importing database tables to other databases.



Since the _toolset_maps_address_cache is basically just cached data, you could always delete the faulty entries prior to migration, to avoid errors.

We will, however, look into a way to update the database table column name so to avoid any form of conflict with mySQL.

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