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Shortcodes with attributes populated by shortcodes are not evaluated properly in Divi Global Modules

Won't fix


Some plugins offer shortcodes with attributes, which can be populated by other shortcodes. This allows you to create fully dynamic shortcode outputs.

Let’s consider the following example:
[my_shorcode id="[getID]"]

If such shortcodes are used in Divi’s Global Modules they will break, and not execute properly on the front-end. Instead of the value the shortcode is supposed to output, you will see something like the following:

wrong shortcode value"]

In the output above, you can see that the wrong shortcode value is output and only half of the shortCode is parsed.


There is no workaround for this besides not using such shortcodes in Divi’s Global Modules.

This issue is caused by Divi, not Toolset. We reported this problem a while back directly to Divi’s development team. However that Github repo is now deleted, and Divi’s Developers, after looking into this, decided that most probably they do not want to allow shortcodes inside of other shortcodes in Global Modules.

The main reason was that none of the Divi clients ever requested this, hence, there is little “sense” for them to implement any related fix we suggested.

If you wish to expedite any solution for this issue, we suggest reporting this problem on Divi’s Support Forum, as the problem requires a solution in the Global Module, rather than in Toolset or other plugins producing such shortcodes.

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