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Not possible to include quantity in Add to Cart button


Resolved in: Toolset WC Blocks 3.0

Topic Tags: WooCommerce


With legacy Views, the wpv_woo_buy_or_select shortcode used to insert the Add to Cart button includes a show_quantity_in_button attribute, but it does not work.

With Blocks, the option is missing entirely.


The next dev cycle after the current one will be focused on WooCommerce, and we should be able to fix this and add the option to Blocks then.

2 thought on Not possible to include quantity in Add to Cart button

  • I’m not waiting for months for the wpv_woo_buy_or_select shortcode to be back ! It is ridiculus! How many website that you visit with product archives with the option to select product attributes without having to go to the product page? Many !! It is a standard options ! I have to keep my plugin Toolset Woocommerce view to version 2.8 to have this shortcode to work. I just don’t upgrade it, but it is not good practice to do that, but I have no choice! Please do something and bring back this shortcode in the newest Woocommerce view plugin.

    • This has recently been addressed by the developers and the fix for the issue will be included in the next plugin release (expected towards the end of the month as part of a general release).

      Thanks for your patience.

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