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Fatal Access error when non-admins log in


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When users with a role lower than administrator log-in the following fatal error may occur:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'OTGS\Toolset\Access\Controllers\UploadPermissions' not found in .../wp-content/plugins/types-access/application/models/capabilities.php:613

The error was introduced by the 3.6.0 release of the Enable Media Replace plugin.

It is also reported (in the comments below) to occur with the Ultimate Member โ€“ ReCAPTCHA plugin.


17 thought on Fatal Access error when non-admins log in

  • I’m with 3.6.2, toolset all updated and still had the problem. It is ONLY working with Enable Media deactivated.

    • That’s why they say the workaround is to downgrade Enable Media Replace to 3.5.0. This issue is still not fixed in the latest versions of Toolset Access or Enable Media Replace.

  • I just got this error. I do not have a Enable Media Replace plugin unless it’s included in Access. How do I disable it?

    • Hi Scott

      It seems like it would be another plugin triggering the same issue. I suggest you disable all plugins other than Toolset then check to see if the error recurs. If not you should be able to identify which plugin triggers the error by a process of elimination. (If you share what you find I can update this erratum and add details to the internal ticket.)

  • I came across the same issue with Access 2.8.12 – deactivating “Enable Media Replace” plugin solved the issue for the time being.

  • Same dilemma. I have a WordPress/WooCommerce site with Toolset Access plugin. Toolset Access recently started denying access to my Editor-in-Chief. I had to elevate her to an Administrator level so that she could access the website and get her work done. If I deactivate Toolset Access she is able to sign in as an Editor role, but if I activate Toolset Access the site blocks her as an Editor. What is the danger of leaving Toolset Access deactivated?

    • We hope to have a fix for this published with a round of plugin updates soon. In the meantime, if you have identified which plugin conflicts with Access you can disable either one, depending on which functionality is more important. The “danger” of leaving Access deactivated is that whatever you are using it for (e.g. limit access to some post type) won’t be available.

  • Count me as another user who needs this fixed ASAP. The conflict seems likely to be with the “Enable Media Replace” plugin in our case.

    This problem just gave us a BIG scare with a senior leader (who has an “Editor” account) getting fatal errors and thinking we were down to the world, just after a media success that was drawing people to the site. I am downgrading the version of “Enable Media Replace” right now but it’s too big an issue for users that to be an acceptable fix for any period of time.

  • Another user with this problem – JFYI I’m not updating Enable Media Replace so I can continue to use the plugin until error is resolved.

  • We have the same issue. Seeing that this bug has been known for quite a while now, we would really appreciate this being resolved soon. Downgrading other plugins should not be a permanent solution, obviously since the bug is with Toolset.

    • The fix for this will be included in the upcoming round of plugin updates, which are currently with the Systems team for testing before release. If the testing goes smoothly, that could be next week, though it could be longer if the testing throws up any problems.

  • Waiting for this fix too. For now I have deactivated the Enable Media Replace plugin.

  • I wanted to let you know that we published plugin updates today that include a fix for this issue.

    If the updates do not show up on your plugin installer page (click the registered link beneath the plugin name to go to the custom installer page) click the the Check for Updates button to update the list.

    Or you can download the latest versions from your accounts page:

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