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Divi builder takes over post/page edit screens when a Content Template built with it is assigned to the post/page.


Reported for: Toolset Views 2.6

Resolved in: Toolset Views 2.6.2


When a post/page uses a Content Template built with Divi Builder, the builder takes over the post/page edit page even if this post/page is not actually built with the builder.


This issue will be fixed in the next version of Toolset Views.

In the meantime, this patch can be applied by unzipping it and uploading the files it contains to replace the ones with the same name. The files are:

  • divi.php in /vendor/toolset/toolset-common/user-editors/editor

Also, if you have another Toolset plugin installed, you might need to replace those same files in the exact same locations.

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