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Conditionals including special characters might fail

Won't fix

Reported for: Toolset Views 2.5.1


Views conditionals, as well as CRED conditional groups, might fail to evaluate the condition when it contains special characters like single or double quotes, or dollar signs.

For example, the following comparisons will fail to resolve properly:
if="($(single-line) eq 'string$' )"

This is because one of the comparison strings contains a dollar sign.

This problem also affects those comparisons that check the value provided by a shortcode or a custom function. That means that comparisons checked against the value of a custom field might fail if this field value contains one of those special characters.


There is no workaround for this issue. In one of the future releases, we will add validation that recognizes the breaking characters when you’re creating the conditional using the user interface. Validation will help you prevent usage of special characters in the conditional evaluation.

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  • Hi there

    Yes, sure. Just subscribe to the comments of this errata, and we will update it when we find a solution by including a patch against the current stable version.

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