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Checkboxes in Toolset Access settings are not working


Reported for: Toolset Access

Resolved in: 2.8.3

Topic Tags: Access plugin


On the Toolset -> Access page, under the Toolset Forms or Types Fields tab, you can control who can do what with which Toolset form or fields.

Since the version, the checkboxes on this page are not reacting when clicked – sometimes it affects Forms tabs, sometimes Post Fields or Use Fields Tabs. Basically, this means you cannot change any setting.


The development team is aware of the issue and already prepared a fix for it which we will release as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can apply the following patch to fix this issue:

  • Download this ZIP file.
  • Extract the content of the file and upload it to ../wp-content/plugins/types-access/legacy/includes/ folder.

5 thought on Checkboxes in Toolset Access settings are not working

  • Hi guys, tried this workaround but the problem persists. I’ll downgrade to but if possible it would be great to be notified when the next Access release happens (and the issue is fixed). Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Craigs,
    The fix has been tested and confirmed many times, please clear your browser cache and test the fix again.
    And of course, we will notify you once we launch a new release.

  • Our developers have provided a fix for this issue. please check the Workaround section in this errata page

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