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Cannot specify View as source of markers in Map block following Maps 2.0.9 release


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When creating maps to display lists of posts as markers you would add a View block to a page to generate the list of posts and then add a Map block, specifying the View as the source for the markers.

Since the 2.0.9 update of Maps, when you try to specify a View as the source the block breaks and displays an error.


You can apply the following patch until an update is available.

Download the zipped file from here:

Replace the file map.block.editor.js at wp-content/plugins/toolset-maps/public/js with the unzipped patch.

The fix will be included in the next update of Maps, when it will not be necessary to re-apply the patch.

5 thought on Cannot specify View as source of markers in Map block following Maps 2.0.9 release

  • Hey guys,

    This doesn’t seem to be resolving the issue for me.

    Any guidance? I replaced the js file as described but am still receiving the error when attempting to show a map from a view block.

    • I just tested the fix myself on my local test site and it worked. Are you using any caching software that might affect this? At a minimum be sure to clear your browser cache to make sure it isn’t loading a cached version of the old file.

      If you are still experiencing problems, please open a support thread where someone will be able to look into it further.

  • For me this fix didn’t work as well. The No Results bug is still there. The results are visible in the backend though.

    • “The No Results bug is still there”

      That’s not what this issue is. This issue is that the Maps block appears broken if you choose a View as the source.

      It sounds like you are experiencing a different issue, please report it in the support forum.

  • The fix for this has now been published.

    If you don’t see an update notice on your plugins page, click the registered link for one of the Toolset plugins to take you to the custom Toolset installer page, and use the Check for Updates button, otherwise you can download the latest versions from your downloads page at

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