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Cannot set post author when post type managed by Access



When editing custom posts with the classic editor, the post author dropdown is empty (no authors to choose from), when the post type is managed by Access. The author dropdown is also missing from the Quick Edit UI.

(Support for the post author first needs to be enabled in the post type settings.)

We have several reports which suggest the issue arose after updating to WP 5.9.


13 thought on Cannot set post author when post type managed by Access

  • Hi is there an update coming for this? We have users with CPT profiles protected from public view. So, removing access is not an option we can do. Is there a way to go into the database to change the author?

  • This is fixed in development, and we should have an update that includes the fix published soon.

  • Hi Nigel, Is there a workaround for this? Like changing the username in the database?

    • The simplest workaround is to edit the posts with the block editor rather than the classic editor.

      If you want to make changes directly in the database, the author is stored in the post_author column of the wp_posts table, as the numeric ID of the user. If you have phpMyAdmin available the UI lets you edit table values directly in place, otherwise it would involve using a plugin that supports writing manual queries and writing a SQL UPDATE statement to change the post_author ID.

      • This is a custom post type (user profile). Changing the post author ID did not change the author.

        • I’m not sure I follow. This erratum is about the author dropdown not being available on post edit screens when Access manages a post type. That dropdown sets the author of the post being edited, and it does so by updating the post_author column in the corresponding wp_posts row with the user ID of the author. (The user ID, not the post ID of a profile post for the user.)

  • It’s a single custom post type “profile” by a custom user “role”. This is separate from the wp user profile. I also noticed before the author dropdown was removed, it only included admins as author. (Not other user roles as author)

    I updated the user ID in the author column of the post type profile. The author seems to no have changed.

    • I think it would help if you created a support thread so we can take a closer look. (Be sure to link to this discussion.)

  • Hi, any news about this?
    The block editor solution doesn’t work for me because my post doesn’t use the “content” field and gutenberg doesn’t load.

    • The release is very close, we are just waiting on the systems team to complete final checks before publishing the updates that include this fix. I’ll comment again here when it is available.

  • It seems to have been partially fixed in the latest update, in that you can now see who the current author is, but you cannot assign a non-admin as author. As before, it’s fine if you turn off Access for the post type.

    • I just re-checked on my own site with the latest plugin updates, and everything worked as expected. I was able to re-assign the author, when editing posts with the block editor or classic editor, or using the quick edit screen, and it didn’t matter what my own role was while making the changes.

      Are all of your plugins up-to-date?

      If they are and you still have problems, please open a support thread so we can investigate further. You might want to pre-empt the first thing you’ll be asked to do, namely check whether the problem occurs when you have disabled all non-Toolset plugins and switched to a default theme such as twentytwentyone

  • Thanks – actually it’s not that non-admins are not appearing, it’s users with a custom role assigned, and it used to work. I’ve opened a ticket.

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