Custom Types Training Course

WordPress allows you to create custom structures for your websites. This empowers you to create entire custom websites and to organize and display your content in any way you want. Unless you are an experienced programmer, you will need to use WordPress plugins to achieve this.

This course teaches you what custom types in WordPress are, how they work, how to create your own custom types, and how to use them when developing sites.

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Course Overview

  • Chapter #1 - Introduction to Custom Types

    • What are Custom Types and how they work?
  • Chapter #2 - Creating Custom Types

    • When and why you should use custom types
    • How to create custom post types
    • How to create custom fields
    • How to create custom taxonomies
  • Chapter #3 - Displaying Content Types

    • How content is displayed in WordPress
    • Designing templates for single posts
    • Designing archives
    • Creating Custom Lists of Content
  • Chapter #4 - Connecting Different Types of Content

    • Easily building advanced sites by connecting different types of content
    • Different kinds of post relationships
    • How to connect different post types
    • Displaying Related Content
  • Chapter #5 - Creating Custom Searches

    • When and why you should use custom searches
    • How custom search works
    • How to create a custom search