WP After Party

Toolset Contractor

Kamloops ePublishing

The original idea was to have all my WP news feeds in one place rather than using an RSS reader like a normal person would. Since I was going to put everything in WP, I thought I'd share and allow commenting. That brought about a series of other features....

Extensive member profiles allowing members to do parametric searches to find people with similar interests.

Create a listing for your Agency and add all your team members if/when they have member profiles on the site. Add all the websites that your agency has created, showing your work and inspiring others. Highlight the creation tasks your agency accomplished for each site.

Search through websites using a parametric search to find inspiration for your next project. You can search by website type, business type, colour, etc.

WordPress professionals can also find great discussions in the message forum and post comments.

Toolset plugins including Toolset Blocks are used extensively, covering an amazing set of features.