Veteran’s Day One on One

Toolset Contractor

Kaizen Strategic

This is a site for a local Rotary club for a Veteran's Day event they hope will spread across clubs.  Specifically, they wanted

  • each club to be able to manage their own events.
  • they wanted the event to be a single entity
  • they wanted the event to entice registration if it was upcoming
  • they wanted the event to document the activities after it was done
  • they wanted a registration that included payment, menu choices, an unlimited number of guests etc

As soon as they wanted the same info to be presented in multiple ways, I knew Toolset was my answer.  The views got long and complicated with lots of filters and conditional displays, but in the end, the event coordinators were just required to fill out a single form and Toolset took care of the rest.  If there was no pdf of the program, no problem, it didn't even show up as an option on the front end.  If there was a video, then on the front end you could see your video.  It even worked for clubs that merely listed their event with no details or registration.