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Topsitters is a pure Toolset website from top to bottom. We’re using so many of the components – Types, Views, Forms, Access, Maps. Without the Toolset plugins, this site would not have been possible.

We especially love the custom directory search using Views Parametric Search that allows the user to filter based on many different criteria.

WooCommerce is also used on this website for all the payment related items as well as the custom calendar integration.

How to build a membership website using Toolset

To build a membership site like this one with Toolset you will need to:

  1. Separate your content into custom post types
  2. Set up custom roles for your members using Toolset Access
  3. Restrict access to certain content for non members
  4. Create front end forms for registration, login and account management using Forms
  5. Charge fees for membership and handle recurring payments - this is optional

You can find more details on each step within our guide to building a membership site using Toolset.