An Own Project As Case Study is a company own website. It serves as a case study to investigate integration between Layouts and Genesis framework.

The following Toolset plugins have been used:

  • Types
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • Layouts-Genesis

Project's summary:

CPTs: 8 CPTs (Reviews, Tutorials, Tipps, Quick tips, Shortnews, News, Mega prize, Videos) plus 7 CPTs for repeatable fields (Images with Captions, and linked URLs); several various and a lot of Custom Fields.

Views: 74 Views (including seven different Views for searches, several Views for archives and sub-archives, plus 1 User view

Layouts: 35 different Layouts

Content-Templates: 4 individual content templates plus the automatic "loop object templates".

Almost every Custom Post Type page has a different look/design; this concerns single, archives, search pages and of course the static pages too, all with many conditionals.

Thank you for Toolset. Its items are the best WordPress Plugins I have used until now. And I think, it will stay unbeatable.