Radio Verulam

Toolset Contractor


A site for a radio station in the UK which features many different post types and relationships between them.  The site includes eCommerce capabilities and integration with Mailchimp.

There are two parts to the site; an Intranet which provides information for presenters and allows them to post content, edit and delete it without using the complicated and sometimes confusing Wordpress "backend".   Relationships are used to automate many content items and workflows; for example, advertisers and sponsors are created by radio station personnel and linked to shows.  Audio, posts, program previews and other posts relating to those shows pull up and credit the relevant sponsor.

External partners can create events and other listings which are moderated by radio station personnel.  The station has a supporter program which creates subscriptions and automatically adds these supporters to a public page and to items to be read out by presenters.

Also featured are podcasts, which integrate with multiple podcast platforms and for which radio station personnel create content and upload audio using a form.