Toolset Contractor

Master and Mouse

Proconics are engineering contractors with a focus on Electrical, Control and Mechanical Engineering.

Proconics already had a strong brand identity, but their existing website was dated and in need of content organization and a fresh look. We spent plenty time on first digging into a large amount of information on the website so that it could be re-organized and delivered to visitors in a digestible way, while not neglecting the wealth of information on offer.

Once a strong information architecture was established, using relationships to establish links between services and industries, industries and past projects and vice versa, we designed a website that used the range of brand colors to group the information links created.

Finally, we needed something to grab first-time visitors. Proconics emphasized that relationships with their clients and partners are important, but also felt that they wanted to say more about other areas such as their community engagement. We created an interactive dot network that continuously animated on the screen and adapts to the user mouse movement to represent their relationship network, with an animated typer mentioning all the areas that “Excite” Proconics.

This custom design website was built for a large engineering firm using the following Toolset components:

  • Types
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • Forms