PrivateTutoring at Home

The marketplace website helps parents find the best tutors for their children in the neighborhood and post tutoring jobs. It also allows tutors to post their personal profile for free then receive a list of relevant tutoring jobs on a regular basis.

There are more than 50,000 tutors' profiles in the website (imported from an XML feed); the parents are able to search them by location, free text, and/or subject. Most of them have photos attached.

Only Views and Types would allow me to develop the website in such a short time (less than a week of development), change presentation according to my client's requirements, and be responsive enough.

Here is what the client wrote after we finished the project:

Stephen helped me develop, a marketplace of private tutors. He has expert knowledge and experience with WordWress, Types, Views, and with PHP. He executed perfectly on the requirements I provided and he was very kind and nice and responsive the entire development process. I highly recommend Stephen for any of your WordPress development needs.