Petra Moes

Toolset Contractor

Erik de Vries

Toolset: Types, Views, Layouts, Woocommerce Views, Access, and Forms.

This is an e-commerce site selling mainly virtual products. The site also is a membership site. Members have access to different areas of the site that are closed to non-members.

I've combined Toolset with Woocommerce, Woocommerce Subscriptions and Woocommerce Memberships to create a website that sells virtual products and memberships. Members get access to specific content, restricted to the duration of their membership or the fixed duration of a training course.

The shop also offers an online training which is content-dripped during a period of 30 days. Here I have combined a drip-content email function in Mailpoet with an online drip-content function built with Woocommerce Memberships.

Moreover I have built a members community completely in Toolset, with restricted forums for several Memberships levels. This replaces the hidden Facebook group that was used for client-to-client communications, providing a completely secure communications environment on our own webserver.