Mercado Del Corregidor


For this project, we opted to use the Astra + Elementor Pro + Toolset theme since combining the three tools we obtain a very fast website, with dynamic content and highly personalized design.

This project is made up of 12 different stores that together form a market, and it had to be developed so that tomorrow it could be expanded by the clients themselves.

Each of the stores has access to the blog, to be able to modify the file of their position and to be able to add offers in their position.

We use the Toolset Types and Toolset Views modules to create dynamic content such as offers, job tabs, and to be able to relate offers to jobs, and blog posts to specific jobs.

Through Views, we carry out the design of concrete elements to show in a relational way.

And with the Access module, we configure the access of each of the posts only to their content tab and the offers area, as well as the blog area.

We implement the design part through the Astra and Elementor Pro theme, which allows us to create templates with custom fields.