IRGpt V.4

IRG, (Integrated Rehabilitation Group Inc) is a physical and hand therapy group with 31 clinics in the Northwest part of the United States. This site has been maintained by since version 2 in which most of the site consisted of static pages so it became a tedious chore to add, organize providers, services along with clinics, due to their rapid growth.

On version 4 we decided it was time to migrate the whole site over to the Wordpress platform. During the information architecture cycle of development it became clear that the original plan of porting over the content into pages and posts would not be enough to meet their demands.  After much research we came across Views and Types and saw the answer to the many demands of the client which only a relational database and SQL queries would handle.

10 month's later the site is live and the client is thrilled that they can now add, delete and organize all their clinics, services and providers utilizing one easy-to-use interface and see the results live for themselves.

Thank you onTheGo Systems.  Your set of tools have opened up a whole new realm of opportunities for