Heritage Christian Fellowship

Toolset Contractor

Chuck Gregory

This site had some unique requirements: sermons, people (preachers, staff, etc), groups,...

The relationship between these was complex, and the site predated the new relationship functionality, so I had to utilize some tricks to get everything to play together. I added each person to the site as a user, which gave me the capability of setting them as an author of their own biography as well as any sermons they gave.  That way the person page could get all the sermons by that preacher, and a sermon could show a mini-bio.

Toolset components used: Types, Views, Layouts, Maps, Divi integration

I developed this site with designer Barbara Deckmeyer. I often work with her; she does the visuals and I make everything work. I got some great support from Toolset on this one as we had some interesting challenges along the way.