Greencarrier Liner Agency

The site is built with a Toolset Bootstrap Child theme including the following Toolset plugins.

Toolset Types - Creates 4 different Custom Post types. News/press releases, Job positions, Contacts and Offices.

The Contact CPT can be connected to each other CPT using Child post types.
This is very useful when you want to use a specific contact person for a job posting or a news article.

Each CPT have their own template depending on what to present.
They also have their own Custom Post fields in order to be able to add extra data, specific for each CPT. An Office for an example is using the address field to connect the Google Map location.

Toolset View - Parametric search in order to be able to find the correct contact person or office for a specific country. Filter blog posts etc.

Toolset Maps - Each Office CPT is being connected to a location that can be found using a parametric search. Data for each map marker is being populated directly from each office post.