Destination Emploi

Toolset Contractor

S2B Solution

On the surface, this website seems to act as a simple Job Board and directory of Job Candidates.

But in reality, Toolset allowed us to replicate complex business interactions where there are multiple Non-Profit Organizations, each with multiple mentors, and each Mentor is assigned a Mentee ("Job Candidate"). Each Mentor helps their mentee fill in their profile and acts as the interface between them and the various job openings, so as to vet them to the Business which entered the Job Posting.

For this project, we built over a dozen Custom Post Types and Taxonomies, several Views and Filtering options, used multiple Parent-Child relationships and prepared everything to be multilingual for a subsequent phase. At any point in time, the website manages well over a thousand (1,000) different records, and has allowed the client to scale their operation without hiring additional staff.