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TourKick LLC


  • "Testimonials" custom post type
  • Various custom taxonomies to organize each Testimonial by Year, Job Type, Location, and Source (e.g. Facebook, Google, Better Business Bureau)
  • Entering Testimonials from various Sources into WordPress, even if never publicly displayed, allows the business to keep them in their historical records
  • Another custom taxonomy to be able to mark a Testimonial as a "Favorite", which might only be 5 of the 100 Testimonials entered


  • Testimonials don't have archive page or single page, but various Views shortcodes are used throughout the site to inject them where desired
  • Multiple Views exist to allow flexible display
  • Slider of "Favorites"
  • Random single Favorite Testimonial
  • Random single Testimonial (Favorite or not)
  • 3 random Testimonials (Favorite or not)
  • Count of all published Testimonials, useful for displaying "87 Testimonials" (for example) in heading text