Centro di Medicina

Toolset Contractor


This is a multisite network for Centro di Medicina and its 17 clinics, all placed in Veneto. This multisite has:

  • a main website with all the services, the doctors and the locations of the network;
  • a website for each location (17) that shows only the content pertaining to that location (the content is inserted in the main website and then broadcasted to all the others websites).

For this project we created in toolset the following post types:

  • "Servizi": services (the main activities of the clinics, for examle "Allergology" https://centrodimedicina.com/servizio/allergologia/);
  • "Prestazioni": professional services (the small activities inside the services, for example "Rast test" https://centrodimedicina.com/prestazione/rast-test-check-up-allergologico/);
  • "Centri di Eccellenza": collections of the best services (for example "Medical laboratory" https://centrodimedicina.com/centro-di-eccellenza/laboratorio-analisi/);
  • "Medici e professionisti": doctors and profesionals (all the personnel, full list here https://centrodimedicina.com/professionista/).

Every page in the network shows only the content related (using views). For example, in the page https://centrodimedicina.com/servizio/allergologia/ there are:

  • a list of the professional services offered;
  • a list of the locations where to find the service;
  • a list of the doctors working there.