Central London School of Anaesthesia

The Central London School of Anaesthesia is a training programme for the anesthetist. It consists of a group of 18 hospitals of various sizes across North/Central London. Trainees are offered a bespoke package of hospital placements which are managed centrally.

Design considerations were:

  • No access to the WordPress back end for users (including the administrative and management staff). Heavy use of User and Post Forms made this possible.
  • Custom Fields and Custom Types were used for News Items, Academic Meetings, Hospital descriptions, areas of specialized training and the organization of the training programme.
  • The Maps feature was used to show where the hospitals are located.
  • Views were used throughout the site, especially on the front page.
  • User login and related pages were all managed using front-end Forms.
  • Access was used to control access to forms and other user-related functions.