Bierens: Passion for Gears

This is the second website in which I have used Types and Views. I think that from now on, I will always use this. The possibilities are fabulous!

The website is multilingual (4 languages). To support this, I am using WPML, which of course nicely integrates with Types and Views. The template is home made (derived from twenty-eleven).

In this website I have used Types and Views for the following purposes:

  • To create a blue button which can be displayed or not, depending on the page. I also wrote a function in functions.php to control its position (under the content or in the sidebar);
  • To have a picture with corresponding caption in the leftmost content;
  • To display publications on the news page (using Views).
  • For the first two items I am just using Types with some code in the template. As you can see, these are 3 totally different applications of Types and Views in a single website.