Toolset Contractor

S2B Solution

Automod is a Quebec, Canada based Automotive Services chain with close to 40 locations.

Initially, we used Toolset to help the client create, manage and list all of their locations across the province, including for each location a map and list of services, as well as how to contact them. Toolset also allowed us to add a map of all locations, which potential new franchisees can view.

Gravity Forms has been integrated with Toolset to manage Appointment Requests, Job Requests, and potential Franchisee applications.

We again integrated Gravity Forms with Toolset to provide insurance brokers the ability to quickly submit client references to Automod, which are automatically routed to the closest location for follow-up by a franchise. A private Intranet section provides each franchisee with a list of all their references, their status as well as an information dashboard customized to their needs.

And finally, each Reference that is converted to a sale awards points to the insurance broker as part of an in-house Loyalty Program, which is also handled through Custom Post Types and some custom code to allow for spending those points and offering a running tally to both Automod admins and brokers.

Since being put in place in 2016, the system now manages hundreds of insurance brokers' Loyalty Points and over 2,000 references have been submitted, providing an extraordinary ROI through additional revenue and productivity improvements.