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The Plot

This website is quite peculiar. The owner of the car shop asked me to retrieve some data (some second-hand car ads) that was sent to several websites as RSS feeds. He also wanted to enter himself some camping cars, both new and second hand.

Where Toolset Types & Views come in

To achieve it, I used WP All Import to retrieve the RSS feed data into WordPress. The problem is all the data was raw (can you imagine 50 or so car ads piled in one text?). Using Types I created a custom post type called “second-hand cars” and set WP All Import to create a new “second-hand car” for each car ad. The result was still not fine, so I used Views to design the template for one car ad, with specification and a photo gallery. I also used Views to create filtered views, according to the location the cars appear (front page, cars page).

Camping Cars

Regarding the camping cars, I used Types to create a custom post type call “camping cars”, with several categories: “new”, “second hand” and “sold” (so that I don’t need to delete it when it is sold; besides the page remains and the website grows which is also good for SEO).

The shop owner wanted at first to input the different camping cars himself. I used Types to create a rather complex form (with conditional logic, for instance, you don’t need to add how many kilometers on the meter if the vehicle is brand new) in order to keep it simple for the customer. Besides a few information, it is mainly about drop-down menus and ticking boxes. Easy right? Toolset Views is used the same way as cars, as they appear in different locations on the website.

The categories are really useful as I can display the second-hand ones and new ones where I want, and make the sold ones disappear, using only a box to tick.

How to build directory websites using Toolset

To build a site like this with Toolset you will need to:

  1. Set up custom post types, fields and taxonomies with Types
  2. Display your items on the front end with Views
  3. Create front end forms so users can add and edit items using Forms
  4. Create an account page and charges for content submission and membership with Toolset Forms Commerce

You can find more details on each step within our guide to building directory websites.