Custom Single Product layout. The layout includes standard WooCommerce product fields arranged in two columns to reflect the original design of the WooCommerce template. It also includes a custom field and a custom taxonomy.

Custom single-product page - front-end
Custom single-product page – front-end
Custom single-product page - backend
Custom single-product page – backend

The module contains:

  • A custom layout to be used for Single-Product pages. The layout uses both standard WooCommerce fields and custom fields/taxonomies.
  • A custom field for the WooCommerce Products
  • A custom taxonomy for the WooCommerce Products

Required plugins

To import the Single product layout correctly, you need to have the following plugins installed and active on your site:

  • Toolset Types
  • Toolset Views
  • Toolset WooCommerce Views
  • Toolset Layouts
  • WooCommerce

How to import the module

  • Make sure you have all the required plugins (see the list above) installed and active
  • Go to Toolset -> Modules, switch to the Modules library tab.
  • Locate the Single Product module and click Import, next click Import selected items.

How to use the module

To use custom layouts for single product-pages go to Toolset-> WooCommerce Views and make sure you have the WooCommerce Views plugin default single product template (single-product.php) option enabled in the Product Template File section.